Ikoyi Golf Club, Lagos

The Golf Section started as Lagos Golf Club and formally registered under the Land Perpetual Act (as No. 2 in the books) in 1924. The landed property of the Lagos Golf Club was originally bounded by Kingsway Road extending to the remaining area of Osborne Road, the federal Secretariat and Dodan Barracks. Over the years, parts of the Golf Club land have been ceded to other owners developed for different purposes.

 In 1938, as a result of the desire of the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) to build Ikoyi Hotel at the old occupied by the Ikoyi Club, it was decided by the colonial authorities to use a small part of the Lagos Golf Club land for the activities of the Ikoyi Club(which were mainly Swimming, Tennis and indoor games) As an extension of this new arrangement and the fact that the family members of the expatriates used both facilities, It was also agreed that the two independent clubs be amalgamated in 1938.

Therefore the ikoyi Club 1938 came into being on 15th August 1938 14 years after the existence of the Lagos Golf Club in the same premises. The amalgamation terms made the captain of the Lagos Golf Club the third in the hierarchy of the club among the class designated as office bearers.

The Lagos Golf Club then became a section in a club with 4 other sporting section in 1938. the committee of the club was to consist of the golf captain and other members elected by golf section.

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