From the 1st of January 2014, the Association’s tournament rules and regulations regarding Pre-qualifying Round (Pre-q) and Cut shall be determined by the Prize Money (Winning Purse) as detailed below:

Winning Purse below N5m  – No Pre-q. Cut shall be 35 for Regular and 10 for Senior.

Winning Purse of N5m – No Pre-q. Cut shall be 35 for Regular and 12 for Senior.

Winning Purse above N5m – There shall be Pre-q. Cut shall be 40 for Regular and 12 for Senior.

No Pre-q for Senior Tour Players in all senior tour events.

The Committee may waive Pre-q in any event as situation may warrant.

TOUR CARD – Number of Tour Card available has been increased to 70. 30 qualifiers from our first major tournament in the year would join the top 40 in the Order of Merit from the previous year to make up the 70. The qualifying round to pick the 30 qualifiers shall be played over 2 days.

All previous PGA of Nigeria Tournament rules and regulations not touched by this new policy shall remain in force.

Wishing you all a happy golfing year.


Yours in golf,


Martin Odoh

Tournament Director (PGA of Nigeria)

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