We are Understudying Nigeria – PGA Ghana

Emos Korblah, Tournament Director of the Professional Golfers’ Association of Ghana has said that the body is taking a lot of notes from her Nigerian counterpart and looking seriously for possible areas of collaborations.

According to him; “In Ghana, we cannot compare the level of development of the professional golf to that of Nigeria. They are ways ahead in terms of organization, the quality leadership and tournament” Korblah said.

He added that professional golf in Ghana will develop at the heels of their Nigerian counterpart and that is why they have started to tow them closer.

“We are re-working our PGA constitution framework and the Nigerian PGA’s document is serving a good model for what we hope to develop. Some members of our executives are also hoping to host or perhaps visit the Nigerian body to understudy it with a mind of proposing some other areas of collaboration” he added.

Korblah apart from winning the Nigerian Open at Ikoyi Club in 1993, has spent the last nine years as a member of the Nigerian PGA and by that gained a lot of insight into the workings of the Nigeria professional golf body, which he says is enviable.

Today apart from South Africa, Nigeria is a natural destination of any African professional golfer that is worth his mettle. They have a tour that is international in structure. I have won here many times and led the order of merit in the last three years and I am still welcomed.

“What is most attractive (I guess) about the PGA in Nigeria is the dynamism in their leadership in the last ten years or so. I foresee a strong future for them. And that is why in Ghana, we have decided to learn a lot from them now.”

Korblah said that the quality of qualifying school process is also commendable and the PGA Ghana is hoping to also adopt the model for the next admission into the PGA.

“In a lot of ways we are hoping that we can advance better leaning on the experience and the maturity that Nigeria’s PGA has attained. A lot of West African PGA (or maybe wider than that) will get stronger if there are more Tours standing as strong as Nigeria is presently on the continent”.

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