PGA Honours Late Members with Insurance Benefits

The professional Golfers’ Association of Nigeria has issued families of deceased members with claims of life insurance benefits due them.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony Festus Makelemi, Director of the body said; “This is to further communicate that we have not forgotten them and the moments they spent with us is indelible.”

“We may not have gratuity to offer your late families members for being professional golfers; this is our own measure to support you in these trying times, we hope it will help douse the immediate tension the family is facing.”

Makelemi then presented a cheque of N1million naira each to the families of late Umoh Edet of IBB International Golf and Country Club, Pender Umuebu of Ikoyi Golf Club and Richard Diette-Spiff of Air Assault Golf Club in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The three players were lost last year 2014 under different conditions.

Operation Director, Dominic Andrew, said of the body (PGA Nigeria) that they are exploring a lot of measures to educate its almost 200 members on health issues and first aid in critical health conditions.

“We are sportsmen, apart from the fact that we are fit, we are also exposed to some other health challenges. In brief moments that we spend at tournament venues we have highlighted how to deal with health issues.”

The insurance policy also cover disability for members of the association, of which the association has said it is looking for ways to get better insurance benefits for its members.

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