Odoh fades in SA looks up to Africa Open

Nigeria’s Oche Odoh has missed out in this weekend’s Johannesburg Open after he blew his pre-qualifying chance with a woeful 82 ten over par on Tuesday.

“I had a hectic schedule from the Di-Data event upper week and arrived Jo’burg 1AM early in the morning. We were all fatigued” he explains why he would not be teeing off this weekend when the final round tees-off at the Kesington Golf Club.

The current Nigeria third ranked player said he jettisoned all the opportunities back home, because he believes featuring in Sunshine Tour hold more promise for him.

“This is a co-sanctioned event with the European Tour and it only means it will be tough to break into, most players here are in the world top 100 or thereabout and everyone wants to better their rating”

He said that the pre-qualification on its own it already a tough passage for affiliate players to the Sunshine Tour that he is, but says he has little or no chance to bigger ticket events outside of the pre-qualifiers for now.

“It’s a tough passage to bigger events but that is the only opening we have for now”, he added. Only ten players made it to the finals of the Johannesburg Open out of 108 players that “pre-qued” at the Glendower Golf Club on Tuesday.

The last of the big ticket Co-Sanctioned event is the African open at the Fish River Sun Country Club at the Eastern cape on March 3rd 2015.

“I think I should have acclimatized and be better prepared ahead of the African Open next week”

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