Oparaku in UK for JAMEGA Tour

Abuja based Kingsley Oparakwu is in the United Kingdom to feature for the 2015 season of the mini pro golf series; Jamega Tour.

While in the UK, the Imo-born player has said he would periodically visit his personal trainer to prime his game further and hope to lad better form on his return to the country later in May when the Nigeria Professional Golf Association calendar would have been confirmed.

“I would be back for the CMCL Open” he said, expressing optimism that his international exposure and the work out should give him better leverage to position better on the Nigeria PGA ranking.

He also hinted at taking a chance PUMA endorsement while featuring in the United Kingdom

“I love the Puma brand and I spend fortunes just appear like Rickie Fowler, who endorses Puma. While playing in the Jamega Tour last year, I met a top shot of Puma and has assured that a deal could happen if I play myself into the European Tour”.

Immediately after the Euro Tour, Oparaku, who has a UK Resident Permit where he has played more than 16 golf courses, will compete at the Jamega also in the United Kingdom

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