Rory Had Deal with One Direction

It has been revealed the World number one golfer Rory Mcilroy had a deal with the One Direction band that led to one of their member Niall Horan picking his bag during Par 3 contest in Augusta.

Reports are circulating that an agreement had been reached to make feature the world No. 1 onstage with the blockbuster boy band in later September.

Horan says it’s ‘payback’ for him flubbing a shot on the 9th during the Par-3.

“That was part of the deal, if I was going on the bag, he would come on stage and sing with us,” Horan said. “[McIlroy] said, if he was allowed to pick the song, he would do it.”

McIlroy has been quiet on the subject, naturally saving his vocal power for the proposed appearance Sept. 12, when One Direction plays Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. McIlroy will have played in the Deutsche Bank Championship in Boston the week before.

So was the deal brokered on the basis of McIlroy being able to carry a tune?

“Apparently, he’s terrible,” said Horan.

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