Tiger Woods’ withdrawal a ‘Huge Impact on Tournament’

Tiger Woods’s withdrawal from this week’s Safeway Open came during the 11th hour, even after last Friday’s official commitment deadline. What was originally great news for the event has turned into a sour realization, especially for the tournament’s host, Johnny Miller.

Miller joined the Golf Channel shortly after news broke Monday. “Obviously it’s a huge impact on our tournament, the Safeway Open. Obviously I wish Tiger the best. Everybody was so excited in the golf world,” Miller said. “It’s hard to break that news. It really is.”

Miller was respectful of Woods’s decision, but couldn’t help but look forward to what it means for his future.

“It’s hard being Tiger Woods … especially if you can’t back it up with a semblance of the old Tiger Woods,” Miller said. “Everybody expects him to comeback … he’s got to break the ice sometime. I hope he picks the right spot.”

As for the Safeway, Miller said Woods promised he would take part in the event next year, in 2017.

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