BJ Promotions Shifts Inaugural Tour Event

Professional Golfers’ Association of Nigeria’s new partner, BJ Promotions has announced that her inaugural event earlier scheduled November 29 to December 2nd, 2016 will now hold in early in 2017.

Chairman of the firm, Bunmi Jenyo who said that the PGAN was duly aware in the turn of event said that the delay was necessary in order to reach a reasonable agreement with potential sponsors.

“As a renowned marketing organization we bring professionalism to the table. There are some loose ends of our sponsorship deliverables that needed to be tied up with our potential sponsors; that was what necessitated the shift”

Jenyo said though the economy had made it pretty challenging to get commitments from sponsors, the ones that were ready to partner to host the BJ Promotions Inaugurals needed to be firmly communicated on deliverables.

“Sports sponsorship is a budding industry in Nigeria and a detailed documentation of benefits to all parties is key in helping corporate partners monitor the direction of their outlay; especially RoI (Return on Investment).

“We have to be deliberate in our marketing activities to enable us attract sustained interest and investment in our quest to grow the game” he maintained

Jenyo said Nigeria’s PGA Tour is the second most lucrative on the continent and it shows there are huge potentials attached to it if proper planning is put in place.

“In 2017, BJ promotion intends to launch some audacious development plan for professional golf in Nigeria” he added.

The executive committees of the PGAN led by Samson Lawal had in October unveiled BJ Promotions as her latest marketing partner and charged them with a number of activities including events marketing and promotions.

The earlier scheduled BJ Inaugural event was propose to be hosted at the MicCom Golf and Country Club, Ada in Osun State.

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