Nigeria’s number one Golfer heads to South Africa

Sunday Odegha, Nigeria’s current number one player, has hinted that he is on the verge of signing up for the Sunshine Tour in South Africa and he would juggle his schedule between the Tour and his Nigerian events.

He told www.pganigeria,com that his current form would be better appreciated whne he gets into a more challenging environment and the SUnhsine Tour is the logical place to be if he need to keep it and improve on his game at the same time.

‘The Challenge of being on top of your form is not getting there but keeping the form and even improving when everybody things you are already good. I will be juggling between the Nigerian Tour and the Sunshine Tour.

“The first reason is that as the best player last season in Nigeria, there is an opening for me to pick an associate membership of the Sunshine Tour. Again with my present form I need to be where my game would be constantly honed, challenged and keep making progress on my game.” He said.

Odegha said although he is hoping to featuring in some of the winter schedules of the Sunshine Tour, he is not in a hurry to appear there until February because of some documentation he still need to clear out in January.

“Apart from documentation that I am working on now, I am also looking to see if I can be part of the opening event on the Nigerian Tour too” he added.

Odegha who topped the Nigeria’s Order of Merit for the second time since turning professional in 2003 says he hopes to better his performance this year.

Five top Nigerian players from the  previous year’s order of merit automatically qualifies to take on associate membership of the Sunshine Tour, borne out of membership between the Professional Golfers’ Association of Nigeria Tour and her  South African counterpart.

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