The 2017 Season of the Nigeria Professional Golf Tour teed off Wednesday at the St Mark Golf Course, Otukpo with Simeon Sateer and Vincent Ikemefuna in a tie for the one-day Tour Card quest that preceded the Tour Opener.

The two players shot 73, one over par, a piece to stand neck and neck picking the remaining Tour Card slots available for the season. These would join the top-thirty players from 2016 from the Order of Merit as the first pick for every event throughout the season.

Notable In the lot that contested on Tuesday for the Tour Card spot, are two new members of the Ghanaian Professional Golfers Association, Godwin Sai and Amponsah Prince which brings the active members of the Ghana PGA in Nigeria to ten.

The Nigerian Tours also harbor players from Cameroon, Senegal and Ivory Coast.

The PGA has announced a tentative 2017 Calendar that has eleven events for the season.

Samson Lawal, the Director of the of the Association said that it is within his mandate that all the events listed be fully activated.

“We have set a lot of things in motion to make sure that this season becomes more financially rewarding for everyone associated with professional golf in the country”.

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