Lalong Opens 11th PGA Qualifying School

The executive Governor of Plateau State Simon Bako Lalong has officially declared the 2018 Professional Golfers Association of Nigeria’s Qualifying School open on Tuesday January 23, 2018 at Lamingo Golf Club, in Plateau State.

His tee-shot at hole-one of the Course declared the biennial test open for top amateur golfers who have applied for membership of the PGA of Nigeria.

Lalong said that the state apart from being a favourate for golfers also has one of the most challenging facility in Lamingo where the players are facing the test to become professional players.

“I welcome the players here and I believe Plateau State and Lamingo especially provides the best test for players seeking to be their best in the game of golf. I also thank the PGA of Nigeria for their support in golf development in the state and Nigeria as a whole” he said.

Ninety-six players in all have applied for the membership of the Association and their test started with a one-year internship with some certified professional across the countries while the five days test from January 22nd to 26th at the Lamingo Golf Club will be the climax of the admission process.

Director of the PGA of Nigeria, Samson Lawal has said that the PGA was more focused on admitting exceptional players that would raise the bar on the PGA Nigeria Tour which is regarded as one of the toughest on the continent.

According to Lawal; “We have raised the bar in the admission process and this is to help the association pick the very talents from the lot that we have here, among other things, we are not purely focusing on the Playing Ability Test (PAT), there is the test of English Language, Club Repairs, Pro Shop Administration and Rules of Golf and its interpretation.

“We intend that the ones that eventually scales this Qualifying School Test will be the best of the lot and those that have what it takes to contribute meaningfully to the development of the game.”

The players would run through 54 holes of play in three days at the Lamingo golf course while, other aspect of the test will run concurrently daily after every round of the game. The successful players are billed to for a round of golf with members of host club on Saturday January 27, 2018. The event would be rounded off with award ceremony and presentation of Certificates to new PGA members on the same day.

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